The situation in the world in recent days is definitely not the most desirable, many people stay at home, and the work of some companies is suspended until further notice. The spread of coronavirus has not stopped our business. Of course, we maintain all security measures during this time.

Our store works and fulfills orders, games are developed and we are constantly improving the graphic layers. At the moment, there is no indication that we will have a delay in the release of the games. However, if something changes, we will inform, but just in case we are looking for alternative forms of production.

In this Newsletter:

  • A word from Jaro
  • Phalanx Quiz & Club
  • Freedom
  • Europe Divided
  • Rocketmen
  • Successors
  • Domination
  • Cooperation


A word from Jaro

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please let me tell you that PHALANX is in good shape and we continue to work on the projects. Most of our staff works from home but that’s nothing new as we have enjoyed that possibility earlier. In fact, most of us would rather now work in the office.

Our distribution is somewhat frozen, especially in the USA as the warehouses are closed down, while individual shipment from our European warehouse becomes difficult and expensive. We had a discussion at the company regarding the pre-orders for our games as they now remain the only way to (pre) sell our games worldwide and estimate the demand. We’ve reached the agreement to keep the pre-orders open until further notice, which would hopefully be a win-win situation: on one hand we would be able to continue working on the games knowing we have the support of the Community, on the other, it would help you get through these hard times as we won’t be pushing the 'charge’ button.

You will find updates on most of our projects in this very newsletter as well as an invitation to take part in our Monthly Quiz, which would hopefully entertain you a bit in those difficult times. We have also decided to offer the digital game of Brass at a reduced price throughout the weekend.

Please take care of yourselves and stay safe,




Want to hear the latest intel about what’s happening with PHALANX and our upcoming game titles? Other than actually working for us, the best ways are by joining the Phalanx Club.

The newsletter is sent out just once a month, so there’s no fear of spam. It contains current news from PHALANX; progress-reports on our soon to be released titles; announcements about upcoming Kickstarter campaigns; and now, a monthly contest to win a voucher (this month for 100 EUR) to purchase one of our games at our online store!

Then there’s our Phalanx Club, a place where fans of PHALANX’ games meet! Here you can share your thoughts, questions, and opinions with other players, as well as with the publisher. Most of all, the Phalanx Club keeps you up-to-date on the progress of our upcoming games, provides you with photos of prototypes and play-tests, and gives glimpses of how a game you’ve been following just might look come publication day. Like the newsletter, the Phalanx Club will also announce our latest contests. So why not join the Club, and subscribe to our newsletter today? It’s good to stay in the know!

If you like our games, please rate them on BGG – it helps us a lot. You will find a link under each game’s heading in this newsletter.

The first contest started today and you can already take part in it.


Shipments to Freedom! backers completed in February, all have been sent, our supporters confirm that the games have reached them. We are also happy that the game was very warmly received, so we will be grateful for all the opinions about the game published in the media and photos from the games.

If it happened that one of the items was not in the game box or in the carton in which the game arrived – please contact

We would like to inform you that the last Freedom! copies have remained in our store!

Freedom! is an asymmetrical two-player game in which one player takes on the role of Ottoman invaders, while the other takes the role of Greek insurgents. The game tries to map subsequent sieges that took place from 15 April 1825 to 10 April 1826.

The goal of the invading forces is to manage to get inside the city before the end of the game or force the citizens to abandon the cause by dropping their morale to zero. The defenders, on the other hand, try to withstand the siege and protect the city long enough for the invaders to abandon their attempt either by deciding to leave on their own or by having their morale dropped to zero. The actions of the players are driven by the cards in their hands, which highlight actual events and personalities of that time, while the combat is dice-driven to allow for quick and exciting game-play.

Europe Divided

Most packages to backers have been sent, we get messages that they arrived without problems. However, if someone still has a problem with the package, please contact us at Please carefully check out the inside of the box if something is missing (sometimes some elements are attached outside the game box, in the carton), but if there is a missing component, please contact us.

March is also a month in which Europe Divided has its premiere in Europe (probably in the USA at the turn of April and May). So if someone wants to order a game, they should go to the stores with the pre-order or wait until it hits the store shelves.

Europe Divided is a geopolitical two-player game in which players play the role of the European Union and NATO or Russia. The goal is to gain influence in Central European countries, which translates into prestige points. Interestingly, game mechanics try to map events that took place in Europe within two decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall.


We have just opened the Pledge Manager for the newest game by Martin Wallace Rocketmen so that all backers can complete their data, change the level of the declaration and possibly buy some add-ons (accessories, our other games). In addition, all late gamers can pre-order Rocketmen for the price of the campaign, but remember that KS exclusive will only be available to people who supported us during the campaign. Pledge Manager will be open until June 30.

Currently, Rocketmen will be released in six languages ​​- in English, French, German, Polish, Italian and … Spanish. The English, German and Polish versions will be released by PHALANX, the French by Asyncron, the Italian by Pendragon Game Studio, and the Spanish by Maldito Games. If publishers from other countries would be interested in publishing the game in their country, please contact us.

The Pledge Manager can be found here:


Pledge Manager is extended until further notice, the delivery date remains unchanged. You can still preorder the game at:

Work on Successors is at an advanced stage. We’re still working on the graphic layer to match the climate of the Diadochi wars. We’re finishing scenarios.

The first miniature designs arrived from the factory.


We’re pleased to inform you that there will also be a Czech Hannibal & Hamilcar edition, which will be published by Fox in the Box, which can be ordered as an add-on to pre-order Successors at BackerKit.

Total Domination

This year we will also launch a new campaign – Domination.

The game is a new, improved and extended edition of Mini WWII. If you’re interested in the game and don’t want to miss the campaign, click the „Remind me” button that will remind you about the project after it has started.

This is the preview page:




 If you are an artist, graphic designer, game designer – please let us know what your area of expertise is and if there is anything you may want to offer. If you are a youtuber or videoblogger capable of creating top-quality „How to Play” videos please get in touch. Emails should be send to Waldemar []