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1941: Race to Moscow

Fire in the Sky


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Happy New Year Everyone!

With the Blue Monday just behind us, it’s probably the last moment my opening line makes any sense. I wholeheartedly wish you all the best in the new year and truly hope it is going to be better for all of us in every aspect.

We, at Phalanx, have a lot of exciting ideas to bring to life and sincerely hope they will come to fruition. Our focus for the first three months is to deliver the games which are now delayed. You will find updates on all of them below. Please rest assured, your money is safe and you will get the games you paid for – we just need some extra time to make up for the delays resulting from the overall situation the World is in.

Many are making plans at the start of the year. So bearing in mind last year showed how futile this exercise could be, we are wishing this year to open a few preorders and run a few Kickstarters too, to make sure the new games will be coming in future.

We hope to start Kickstarter this year with a project connected to the U-Boot. The fans of the game and those who haven’t yet got it will have something to talk about for sure!

This pushes Coalitions to be our second campaign as we aim to run it to commemorate the 200 Anniversary of Emperor Napoleon’s death (see more information below).

Freedom! – an exciting operational siege game by Vangelis Bagiartakis which is getting great ratings on the BGG and now remains out of print. The Second Edition will correct known mistakes and an upgrade pack will be offered for those who need it. Last but not least, the game will see a Greek Edition to commemorate the 200 Anniversary of the Greek War of Independence.

Thank you and cross your fingers for us!


Total Domination

We have tested the new map for the reverse side of the Domination board – this presents a more naturalistic geographical perspective, which we believe will appeal to those who prefer realism over abstraction, and will enable fans of cartography to plan their military operations in their real-world context. The pledge manager is still open, where you can pre-order the game or modify your existing order (e.g. to add expansions or additional accessories).




We have now completed the playbook for Successors and we’re pleased to present it (see the attachment). We hope that production of the game will be finalised in mid-to-late February, which means that the first shipments to backers will begin in March. However, any further delays or problems due to factors beyond our control could push that back to April.

While you’re waiting for your copies, you can of course enjoy playing Successors online, thanks to these modules with scenarios for different numbers of players that we have added on Tabletop Simulator:

5 Players:…

4 Players:…

3 Players:…

2 Players:…


At the moment, we are waiting for a shipment of moldings, but the other components produced by external manufacturers have already reached us. We expect to finalise the game at the end of February for shipment to backers to begin in March.

However, in the meantime, you can try out the game online using Tabletop Simulator or Tabletopia. More good news is that the figures are ready and are being shipped to us right now.




1944: Race to Moscow

We’re really happy to be able to show you the box for the Axis Aircraft Expansion upgrade set (see below). We will soon receive the last of the game’s components produced externally and when it does arrive (probably in the second half of February) we will start completion of the game, with shipments to backers beginning after that.




Fire in the Sky

The production of the last elements for the game will start soon – they are being made by our local manufacturers. We hope that all the work will go well and at the end of February completion of the games will start. This means that we will start shipping in March. Unless, of course, there are delays or problems at any stage. It is therefore reasonable to assume that the game could reach you in April 2021.