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A word from Jaro

Hello Everyone!

We’re getting quite a number of queries and requests for information regarding the COVID-19. So, let me take this opportunity, to assure you that our entire team is fine, nobody has been affected by the virus, we are working remotely and safely, we are still in touch with manufacturers, and at the moment we don’t expect any delays in fulfilling pledges. Successors, Rocketmen, 1941: Race to Moscow and the new (Golden Geek) edition of Hannibal & Hamilcar will be delivered in October this year. So, apart from our feet itching to go out and meet others and play some games, there is no adverse effect on PHALANX in this pandemic.

With the Paris Est Ludique, UK Games Expo and Essen Spiel! cancelled (or postponed) and the same with events in Poland, we have nowhere to exhibit this year. The sad part is that you won’t be able to see the prototypes of many new projects we are working on and would have to rely on the videos by the reviewers. We will make sure that there is enough coverage for that.

That’s the case with our next project, please read on to find out about Domination. That’s gonna be something really interesting and special! We absolutely love this game at PHALANX from day one.

Please stay tuned in to our social media – we usually share reviews there. Should you have any questions or be willing to hear an update on anything specific – please drop us a line at

Last but not least – please make sure to read this newsletter to the very bottom – first, there is a shot at a EUR 100 voucher hidden inside. Second – there is news on the Rocketmen, a game that is now only just a bit larger than reality, taking into account current NASA/Spacex joint venture. Finally there is some information for the customers, who are interested in the publication of Tortuga 2199 in Polish.

Stay safe!


Total Domination

On June 22 at 12:00 GMT / 8:00 GMT-4 our new Kickstarter campaign starts.

Domination by Wei-Cheng Cheng is a dynamic, strategic game that allows you to experience the entire World War II in 90 minutes. The game is a new, redeveloped edition of Mini WW II, which has introduced new mechanisms and elements. It’s not a ‘mini’ game anymore, with larger map, outstanding components and even better mechanics.

A complete tech tree will appear in Domination, which is an extension of the idea in MWWII, and which is refined, easier to use, and contains a special board that allows you to plan the development of technology more accurately.

The entire graphic layer has been redone, and now more closely corresponds to the „iron” theme of World War II, and the colors have been carefully matched to what they symbolize – colors are associated with the specific side of the conflict. The cards show illustrations inspired by photographs from this period, and the symbols on them (and on the board) are designed to improve set up and gameplay.

PHALANX will release the game in three language versions: English, German and Polish. If you are a publisher or you know a publisher who would be interested in the game, please contact

Event on Facebook:

Preview page:

BGG page:


Europe Divided & Freedom!

Both of these two-player games are now available in the United States. It is high time to give them a go, in a safe, home environment – especially as they are strongly engaging and would help divert thoughts from what is happening in the outside world.

Europe Divided is a geopolitical game full of „cold emotions”, in which one player takes on the role of a European player (representing a tension between NATO and European Union), while the other player directs Russia. The entire gameplay focuses on post-Cold War struggle for influence in Central and Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. The events taking place in the game are the actual circumstances that have taken place in these regions during the past three decades (after the fall of the Berlin Wall). That’s a game of cutthroat competition while full of recent history.

Freedom! takes you to the fascinating yet still quite obscure Greek War of Independence (19th century), to the Third Siege of Missolonghi, a city made famous by Lord Byron. Behind its walls, the Greek insurgents led by Notis Bozaris resist the onslaught of the Ottoman imperial forces headed by Ibrahim Pasha and Reşid Mehmed. Historically, the local population was struggling with food shortages and the specter of death, which led the city’s defenders to attempt a frantic uprising outside the walls and to enable the inhabitants to escape. The whole enterprise was unsuccessful, and the Turks took advantage to conquer the city – the defenders preferred suicide in the breakout rather than Turkish slavery. All these aspects appear in the game – players take on the two sides of the conflict, and events often turn out differently to history.

Monthly Quiz

This month you can again win EUR 100 to spend in our shop. Nothing has changed since last month: only the first attempt counts (the first solution) and the person who correctly answers the most questions in the shortest time wins. If no one is able to solve the quiz 100%, then 50% of the prize will be added to the next competition.

And here is the June quiz link:

Gaël Mezieres from New Caledonia (a small French island in between Australia and New Zealand) won the may contest (U-Boot quiz). The statistics tell us that interest in our quizzes is still growing – which brings a grin on our collective face as the idea behind ​​these quizzes was not only to run a contest with a prize but also to provide the opportunity to learn interesting facts and history behind our games.


There’s now an official TableTop Simulator version of Rocketman by Martin Wallace. The game is set up for 4 players, but the red bag contains sets of cards for solo, 2 players, 3 players, and Variant. You can find it at this address:

Instructions (beta version) can be found here:

The game is really taking shape and increasingly matches the ideal that PHALANX aspires to. We have recently received the insert and trial versions of the figurines from the workshop and it cannot be denied that these elements will delight future owners.

The miniatures are designed to imitate the dynamics and layout of the represented objects. The space shuttle gives the impression of flight, the satellite orbits the celestial object, the cosmic hotel has rooms with an amazing view of space, and the rocket… Well, gamers move the rocket, and how it is arranged depends entirely on the gamer.

The Pledge Manager will close on July 1, then the cards will be charged.



The Pledge Manager of Successors will close on July 1 – this is the last opportunity to place a pre-order or complete an order. Anyone who, for any reason, wants their card charged earlier is requested to contact us in a private message on Kickstarter or by email at

For any questions, doubts, requests to complete the order – please contact us at

Tortuga 2199

PHALANX has a Polish pedigree and also publishes games under regional licenses on the Polish market. We have now obtained the license for the game Tortuga 2199, which we liked very much and decided to become a partner of Lavka Games for the game’s publication in Poland. Now the game will have a chance to win the hearts of Polish players. Everyone interested in the Polish edition is invited to the crowdfunding campaign page: