Four Golden Geeks for U-Boot?

We are pleased to announce that U-Boot received nominations for the Golden Geek in four categories: Innovative Game, Thematic Game, Cooperative Game and Wargame. Please accept our sincere thanks for helping U-Boot this far. However, the struggle is not yet finished and we need your support in order to make sure the game gets all the bling it deserves.

Please go now to BGG and vote for U-Boot! In order to do this, you need to follow this link, then click on each of the four categories:

and then give U-Boot a place you think it deserves.

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A word from Jaro
Monthly Quiz
1941: Race to Moscow
PHALANX and Georgetown University


A word from Jaro

Hello Everyone!

I usually find it easy to start things, but much harder to see them to completion. However, the decision to send a monthly newsletter and organize a monthly quiz was not difficult. The fact I need to write a short summary, even though not much time seems to have passed since the last one, comes as a surprise. What feels like yesterday has been a month ago! Time flies, they say.

So, let’s look back and see what has happened at PHALANX in the last 4 weeks.

Little Rafał has arrived and made Mariusz a happy father. So far, so good, as the little Phalangite decided not to interfere (yet) with the board game hobby of his parents. What the future holds, they may still not be willing to learn 😉

The Fire in the Sky project has a new leader in the person of the very energetic and organized Piotr Górny (designer of the well received Kircholm 1605, published… some time ago). Piotr was busy doing some other important things in life, but thanks to the current pandemic was able to divert his attention and help us out. Thank you Piotr for joining and welcome on board!

The talented Giacomo Pantalone is working on the map for Age of Napoleon, while Łukasz Strupiechowski, having finished the card art for Successors, will now be focusing his attention on the project as well.

In the meantime, Wojtek Sieroń (WRS) has submitted for our review what is supposed to be the first draft of the final rules for the long-awaited expansion to Magnates. This turns this popular family game into a gamer’s game of cutthroat competition among the noble houses of the 16th-18th Century Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania.

We’ve got a nod from Jarosław Flis, a professor at Jagiellon University, to republish his golden classic games on the Polish-Soviet war of 1920 and the opening campaigns of WW1 in the East. When? We don’t know yet.

Alan Richbourg has submitted his magnum opus: a reviewed, corrected, improved and polished version of the rules for the fourth edition of Successors, to be published later this year. At the same time, the Chinese factories which are up and running again have just sent in final sculpts for the minis. We are stoked and you should be too – they are just great! What remains is to choose a base colour. I’m leaning towards ivory.

Hannibal & Hamilcar is being prepared for a fresh print run, with an upgrade pack consisting of a larger box and smaller dice, plus a rewritten rulebook.



Every month, PHALANX is giving away EUR 100 worth of prizes in our contest. The rules are simple: solve the monthly quiz and sign up to our newsletter (the one you are just reading) and the prize can be yours. Well, provided you can get 100% correct answers (in the case of multiple winners, the time taken solving the quiz is the tiebreaker). If there is no clear winner, 50% of the prize will go to the player with the most correct answers and the rest will be added to next month’s prize (this is a change to the rules for last month’s quiz). Please note, only your first answer will be taken into consideration.

And here is the May quiz link:

We are pleased to announce that our April Quiz Winner was Kolosov Daniil from Russia! We are so excited and glad our games are popular in your country! We hope to see more of them published in Russian too!

We also had two contestants trying to reach the maximum possible score in the shortest possible time by filling in several quiz questionnaires each . Well, while we admire the determination, this is not the spirit we would like to encourage. So, we have decided that only the first submission for the quiz counts. Those who showed hunger for a prize will, however, be satisfied, as this time we will be sending a copy of our party game Hunger to each of the determined contestants.

1941: Race to Moscow

The pledge manager has been extended until further notice, but this does not mean that the release date and shipments to backers have been delayed. At present, all the decisions for the campaign remain unchanged, and messages from the production facilities give us hope that everything will be delivered on time. Work on 1941: Race to Moscow is going well, and the results are satisfactory for us. However, we still need some time to complete certain items, thoroughly test the game and improve it to give you the best possible game.

In the pledge manager (BackerKit), before the project is closed, you can make changes, complete orders with accessories and extensions, as well as order additional games published by us at a lower price and with lower shipping costs. If you have any questions or problems, we’d be happy to help – please write to us at:

Here are some photos from our tests.

Set-up before gameplay. We were looking forward to testing with the new miniatures, and it happened!


Pre-ordering of Successors remains open until further notice. Anyone willing to charge the card earlier is requested to contact us in a private message on Kickstarter or by email at

For some reason, the BackerKit system stopped users’ ability to make changes to orders – this is very important information for those who wanted to add an accessory or other game to the order. For additions and changes, or any questions, please contact We apologize for any inconvenience.



Total Domination

Soon we will launch a new Kickstarter campaign for Domination, a new, improved, enriched, and extended edition of Mini WWII.

If you’re interested in the game and don’t want to miss the campaign, click the „Notify me on launch” button that will remind you about the project when it starts.

This is the preview page:




The game is now going through a series of very intensive final tests and minor development tweaks as we approach the campaign. Below you will find some photos from the tests (many elements are outdated and, of course, this is a very basic prototype).

There was also a discussion within the company about the game’s title. While Domination seems to have many supporters, there is also talk of Dominant Powers. Which of the two would be your choice? Give us a hint using this poll:…

Here is a draft of one of the completely new components that will appear in Domination. After many tests, we managed to achieve the desired effect and the technology development tree became very useful during the game.

We like to take advantage of every available moment, so the testing is also taking place using a specially crafted Tabletop Simulator module where we can play the game across borders and still observe social distancing rules.

PHALANX supports Georgetown University!

We have received a very nice letter from Professor Sebastian Bae at Georgetown University, which was followed by a game submission from the professor’s students. We will soon be testing the game and will let you know how much we appreciate it.

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