PHALANX NEWS November’20

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Hello Everyone!

The Newsletter’s summer break has been a little longer than expected, mostly for the fact we didn’t really stop working and only failed to properly communicate, which seems to be our Achilles’ heel. Please accept apologies we are not out with the news as often as you deserve.

In the meantime I had a great conversation with Dan Pacaldi on his No Enemies Here youtube channel, which you can find here:

Below you will find a short update on our Kickstarter projects: Successors, 1941: Race to Moscow & Rocketmen as well as Domination but before you scroll down, please let me share some other news.

Growing Phalanx

Our development team has grown considerably with the addition of three very exciting personalities as our phalanx grows even stronger: Scott Moore, the designer of a visually striking and very elegant This War Without an Enemy by Nuts!. Andrew Rourke, whose Coalitions will be our next Kickstarter and Bartosz ‘Odi’ Odorowicz, a one-man band really: a historian, game reviewer and critic, designer and developer.


Golden Classic

1920 is a new edition of one of the classic war games about the Polish-Soviet War in 1920, whose final chapter is known as Miracle on the Vistula. The game is a blast and we take this opportunity to present it to the wider, international audience. This is a hex and counter wargame using mechanics, which are still surprisingly fresh, even many years have passed since its original publication. The game was updated in the meantime and we are sure it will be a great experience and joy for both those who know it and those who didn’t have a chance to play it.

Which presents the greatest clashes of this conflict in a simple but compelling way. Has this war ended with Soviet victory, Europe’s future would probably have looked quite different.




This month you can win EUR 100 to spend in our shop. No rules have changed since the last contest: only the first attempt counts (the first solution) and the person who correctly answers the most questions in the shortest time wins. If no one is able to solve the quiz 100%, then 50% of the prize will be added to the next competition. If we find out that someone has tried to cheat, their report will be canceled.

And here is the October Quiz link:

Kickstarter Projects


At the end of September, we closed the pledge manager and presale of three of our projects – Successors, 1941: Race to Moscow & Rocketmen.

Anyone who has an issue with their order (change of address, problem with paying the order, questions) are asked to write to

Due to global production delays, as well as information received from our suppliers and manufacturers that some items and shipments may take a little longer than before.

These are processes that are independent of us and over which we have no control and so, unfortunately, we cannot speed them up in any way. At this stage, we will try to make sure that everything runs smoothly and in such a way as to provide you with a safe product of the highest quality. We will therefore keep a close eye on what is happening at our manufacturers and make sure that everything works as we want during the last moments of the project.

We are thus forced to postpone the delivery of games to backers by up to two months. This means that the games are still likely to reach backers in December 2020 or January 2021.



We have published a file with a draft rulebook where you can leave a comment if you don’t understand something, have a doubt or find a bug. All comments are helpful for us, as they will allow us to avoid any inconvenience and hand over a transparent and comprehensive book of rules to you.

We want to avoid anything that would raise questions later – in our opinion, the rulebook should answer all questions about the use of components, gameplay and all situations during the game.        

Currently, meeting up with friends to play board games has become very difficult, and it may not be safe for our health. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up your passion. We have decided to make it possible for gamers to play remotely free of charge – we have made available a module for Successors on Tabletop Simulator. We hope you will have a nice time playing our game before it even physically hits your tables. Enjoy!

Nanty Narking

For the long November evenings we have prepared some materials for you related to Nanty Narking.

This is a game that will allow you to break away from gray, rainy everyday life and start a crazy party on the streets of 19th century London, where the rivalries extend beyond taking a few coins – fires, murders, scams, thefts, and famous literary characters (including villains) are all part of this game. And they provide a lot of fun.

Jaro discussed the game in detail on the OnTableTop podcast.


Below you will find a Let’s Play Nanty Narking video, where you can see what the game is about and what can happen during the game.



Fire in the Sky

We have closed the preorder of Fire in the Sky. We did not expect that there would be so much interest and so many questions about what is happening on the project. We have finally managed to complete the graphic design and the design of the components – below you can see the board and the photos which show the trial printout (it is not a printout from the manufacturers).
In the new edition of Fire in the Sky, you can expect additional scenarios, robust components, and a clearer map and unit tokens. We have removed the fiddliness by making several improvements (such as screens) so that the players can focus on gameplay, and planning their moves and developing strategies. No more cumbersome, outdated mechanics – the new version of the game will enable dynamic, efficient and transparent gameplay.

Total Domination

All backers should be invited to the pledge manager Domination. If you do not receive an email with such an invitation, please contact:

Along with the pledge manager, a pre-sale has been launched, which includes Domination, a set of deluxe figures, game accessories and our other games at discounted prices. The game purchased in the pre-sale does not include KS exclusive. Here is a link to the pre-sale:



Imperial Struggle

Many of the people who follow us have probably heard and perhaps even played Imperial Struggle from GMT Games. We are pleased to announce that we have become the publisher of the Polish edition of this unusual, exciting game for two players, which features the clash of two great empires – France and Great Britain. This is very good news for our fans from Poland, who will be able to play the game in their native language.